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Nets and Repeater information *Times in PST -8 UTC

Friday NET(s)

6-7PM 147.345 Repeater Lyon/Churchill Nevada area "Prepper net"

All are welcome




Sunday NET(s)

6-7PM 442.125/146.970 Repeaters
A.R.C.C. weekly net. All are welcome


7-8PM 147.345 Repeater
Lyon County Amateur Radio Emergency Services weekly net, All are welcome



Coming soon!

147.345/442.225/444.375 Repeaters ANALOG NET- C.A.R.S.  Monthly general information net meeting & on the air Swap and Shop! 
All are welcome


442.225/444.375/440.050 Repeaters

C.A.R.S. Fusion DIGITAL net

All Yaesu fusion digital users are welcome.


C.A.R.S. Pictures

General repeater feature information

Courtesy tone audible indicators on 146.970 & 442.125:

146.970- has a short Chord tone when a transmission is done on VHF
442.125- has a 3 tone “blip” when a transmission is done on UHF
Echolink- has an Apollo high pitch beep when a transmission is done
When on VHF and a low tone is heard the last transmission was on UHF band
When on UHF and a low tone is heard the last transmission was on VHF band


Echolink use on the 146.970 and 442.125 repeaters:
The K5BLS Echolink node number is 864350


D## - Tells Echolink to disconnect
D#* - Tells Echolink to play station Info
D#01- Tells Echolink to connect to a random node- Radio link/Repeater
D#03- Tells Echolink to connect to a random Station –Computer user
D#08- Request to speak calls of all connected stations to this node
D#09-Tells Echolink to re-connect to the last station that was connected
D# X X X X – Where X are numbers, this will tell Echolink to connect to a specific known node
                       IE: D#357564 Connects to Echolink conference server “HI_GATE”
D#9999- Connects to Echolink record and playback server ( Works like repeater code D052 )


General user codes on all CARS repeaters:

D052- DVR recorder for audio check  
           To Use: Enter code, unkey- repeater responds DVR Check ready, key and speak, unkey- playback occurs

D053- Time and date

D054- Enter this code with other digits to test your DTMF pad IE: D054 + 12345. Controller reads back 12345 if your unit is working correctly

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Nevada YSF Systems:

147.345 + 156.7 DIG
Fernley/Fallon area

Local only not linked


442.225 + 123.0 DIG
Fernley/Fallon area

WiresX Room 21676 NEVADA & 444.375 in Analog and Digital


444.375 + 123.0 DIG
Reno/Sparks/Washoe coverage

Analog Linked to 442.225 and Wires-X 21676 NEVADA


440.050 + 94.8 DIG
Smith Vly., NV

DV4- node 3 room 21-NEVADA-OFFLINE FOR NOW-


444.500 + 123.0  

E. Churchill county - Stand alone not linked to anything


443.850 + 100.0  
146.730 - 100.0

Both KI7PDD repeaters service Carlin/Elko/Battle Mtn. Nevada
444.200 + 100.0 Spring Creek NV  

Not currently linked to Wires-X yet

146.610 - 123.0 W7TA

Ophir Peak 
Standalone not linked to anything


CARS Analog only systems:

442.125 + 123.0 - OFFLINE pending funding
146.970 - 103.5  KE6QK

The 442.125 is cross Linked to 146.970

Echolink K5BLS 864350


UHF.UHF - 123.0 DIG

145.410 - 123.0 Project on hold due to site and funding issues


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