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The Churchill Amateur Radio Society (C.A.R.S.) is a 501c charitable organization registered with the State of Nevada and U.S. Government.

C.A.R.S. Corporation serves as the technical
 services for Churchill County Nevada’s critical local amateur radio communications networks. These services are of mutual benefit to not only Churchill County but for the entire local amateur radio community which the radio sites cover.  This includes the counties of: Churchill, Lyon, Humboldt, Washoe, Pershing, Lander, Storey, Douglas and Carson City Nevada.

  C.A.R.S. is a publicly funded amateur communications company. We are not a traditional “club” and we do not seek membership on a formal basis. The fact that you are a contributor and possess a ham radio license makes you an automatic member of the society. We are not politically aligned with any group, or entity. We are here to preserve the fun aspect of ham radio while building and maintaing the critical networks for the not so fun times of emergencies. We serve the needs of everyone in the amateur community with equal access and purpose. 

 Equipment upgrades, insurance, legal fees, the purchase of and associated maintenance material cost all come from YOUR public donation. YOUR charitable contribution is CRUTIAL to the upkeep and continued success of these emergency radio networks. PLEASE make a donation today that is also tax deductible! Contact us for receiving a formal contribution letter for your sizable donation. Any and all contributions are welcome and greatly needed.



Jeff Brown – K5BLS
C.A.R.S. President

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Nevada YSF Systems:

147.345 + 156.7  Dig local only


442.225 + 123.0     linked to:
WiresX Room 21676 NEVADA
DV4-Node3 Room 21  CARS NEVADA


440.050 + 94.8  KD7NHC
Smith Vly., NV DV4- node 3 room 21-NEVADA


444.375 + 123.0
Reno/Sparks/Carson/Douglas coverage

Analog Linked to 442.225 and WiresX 21676 


444.500 + 123.0  NV7CC

E. Churchill county Digital disabled and coverage issues 11/2016


443.850 + 100.0  
146.730 - 100.0

Both KO7G repeaters service Carlin/Elko/Batle Mtn. Nevada
444.600 + 100.0 Jiggs NV KO7G 


444.225 KG7TQV WiresX node Local downtown Fallon, NV


CARS Analog only systems:

442.125 + 123.0
146.970 - 103.5 

The 442.125 is cross Linked to 146.970

Echolink K5BLS 864350


145.410 - 123.0 (ON LINE SOON!)


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