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Welcome to C.A.R.S.                      Here is whats happening! 

FT-70DR Raffels!

There will only be 60 tickets sold, Each ticket will be a $20 dollar donation to CARS.
Every ticket sold is also elegible for a one year membership to CARS! 

(limit one per household)

Congratulations to Dale W7DPN for winning the first FT-70 Radio

Robert KI6CPW is our second winner of 3!


As of 4/14/18 we only have 11 tickets left!!! 


The drawing's will occur following every 20 tickets being sold. If you didn't win on round one ...don't worry your ticket stays in the mix until the last radio is given away. The odds of winning are GREAT and YOU could be the next WINNER!

Tickets are on sale now!
All have tickets
or email us at TICKET(at)NVCARS.ORG


From K5BLS-
A HUGE Thank you to The Douglas County Public Safety Communications Director for purchacing a new Wires-X node to suppliment the CARS digital network in Douglas County! 
This addition means that all 3 UHF repeaters are now linked in digital! 

2/21/18 ALL 3 UHF repaters are now linked

We have a new Fusion repeater in our network, up above Lake Tahoe- See the story to the right---> (or below if your on your mobile phone)

Upcoming System Fusion Training 2018 Schedule


CARS will be doing an advanced System Fusion training presentation at the Tahoe Amateur Radio Association club meeting April 14th at 1pm  The meeting will be held at the Douglas County Public Library 233 Warrior Way, Glenbrook, NV 89413



Fusion 101 trainig  at the SIERA Amateur Radio Club meeting, MAY 5th
Please stay tuned for 101 training sessions elsewhere in the near future!  THANK YOU





CARS Will be presenting a BASIC System Fusion training session at the the NEVADA ARRL Conference this year in Reno! 

We will also have a table set up there, so stop buy and say hello!


CARS own FCS network room! 

CARS has been given its own room on FCS refelctor 3!  Find us on refelctor 3 room 21 too connect to us via the DV4 and openspot platform.



Tahoe Repeater trouble

We are having interment and worsening problems with the antenna/coax feeding the 442.300 repeater in Lake Tahoe.

We have plans as soon as the weather breaks to go investigate the issue but in the meantime use of the repeater will be subject to environmental conditions. The worse the wind and precipitation levels the worst the crackling  on analog and choppy audio on digital will be.


Click here for CARS support swag! Click here for CARS support swag!

Repeater map- Click below

Repeater Systems:

147.345 + 156.7 DIG
Fernley/Fallon area

Local only not linked


442.225 + 123.0 DIG
Silver spring/Stagecoach area

Wires-X Room 21676 NEVADA & 442.300 Douglas County in Analog and Digital
FCS-Node 3 Room 21 CARS NEVADA- Linked 


442.300 + 123.0 DIG
Douglas County/Carson City/Dayton
Wires-X Room 21676 NEVADA & 442.225  in Analog and Digital
FCS-Node 3 Room 21 CARS NEVADA- Linked  

444.375 + 123.0 DIG

Virginia City/Washoe Valley/Reno/Sparks/ &

Wires-X Room 21676 NEVADA 
FCS-Node 3 Room 21 CARS NEVADA- Linked


444.225 + 123.0 DIG
Lovelock, NV
Linked via FCS003 Room 21 to the CARS network


440.050 + 94.8 DIG
Smith Vly., Sothern Lyon County, Topaze Lake

Linked Wires-X to 21676 NEVADA CARS network


443.850 + 100.0  
146.730 - 100.0

Repeaters service Carlin/Elko/Battle Mtn. 

444.200 + 100.0 Spring Creek NV  

Not currently linked to Wires-X yet

146.610 - 123.0 W7TA

Ophir Peak 
Standalone not linked to anything yet


441.875 + 103.5

444.500 + 123.0

Stand alone repeaters serving Churchill County


CARS Analog only systems:

442.125 + 123.0 - Portable repeater for right now- Used as needed

Echolink K5BLS 864350


145.410 - 156.7 Out of Service at the meoment pending new site location.

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