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Welcome to C.A.R.S. & the C.V.R.C      Here is whats happening!  

Nevada Day Parade Carson City                  10-27-2018

** NOTICE **


The Nevada Day Parade cordination and float tracking will be taking place on the McClellan repeaters 147.270 and 441.250 this Saturday

Please use another resource for your routine activities and allow them to have priority access to the system durring the event.


Thank you



CARS has finally set a time and date to start the weekly social, and swap n' shop net! 
Currently it will be on all the UHF repeaters in Digital but we will soon have the 147.345 repeater tied in with analog to the digital from UHF, this way anyone can participate in the nets!


It's comming please stay tuned it's not an easy or cheap process.

State of Nevada invests in System Fusion - Links to Nevada WiresX room  21676

The Nevada Department of Emergency Management (DEM) in Carson City has decided to add fusion to the State communications center! They are buying the repeater, HRI-200 box, and antenna so it may be linked into the NEVADA room 21676. This will also supplement a deficit of coverage for Carson City as it is shadowed from both Tahoe and Ophir. Special thanks to Robert KI7OXS for making this happen.

This system will proudly carry the CARS W7DEM callsign on the repeater and on Wires-X


CARS Expands -merging with Carson Valley Radio Club

We are pleased to announce the merging of the Carson Valley Radio Club- W7DEM in to the CARS family.  W7DEM is used at the Nevada State Communications Bureau for Amateur radio emergency communications 


This was honestly not planned but because long time faithful care taker Dale Anderson KV7S is leaving the area to be closer to his family, Jeff K5BLS and CARS have decided to merge the club and its assets on McClellan Peak above Carson City. 147.270 + Mhz 123.0 PL, 441.250 + Mhz 123.0 PL and the 443.750 + Mhz 123.0 PL repeater in downtown Minden will be added to the host of resources CARS has to offer the Amateur Community in Northern Nevada. 


Over the coming months and into next year Jeff will make updates and refinements to the nice host of equipment the Carson Valley Radio Club has built, and keep them going as best he can.

Dissections will also take place with the board to determine the use of the Carson Valley Radio Club name and use going forward. 


Growth is good, but we will miss Dale greatly, and wish him and his family the best of health and happiness. Thank you Dale!  

Field day flashback 2018

Field Day 2018- Curt N7AER, Dale W7DPN and Ron K7WPT Operate the Cars Filed day station as soon as the contest opened.


More in this section as things happen! 

Upcoming events:

Wednesday nights at 7pm
CARS net on all Digital repaters and Wires-X 21676 NEVADA ROOM
FCS-003 Room.21




Echolink K5BLS 864350


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