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The 147.345 Repeater got an upgrade this month. Thanks to John KD7NHC donating some duplexer parts, Jeff K5BLS was able to rebuild the 4 cavity duplexer to a 6 cavity with the correct isolation needed so that the repeater works as well as the 440 machine now! HT coverage around the county is greatly improved, and mobiles will be heard a little further out now as well! 

We are giving another Fusion radio away so you can get on the air with us! Limited to 40 tickets so act fast and contact us today to get yours!


Click on the picture for more information.

$20 each ticket your odds are better than at the casinos!


SALES TO BEGIN 9-11-2016


Congratulations to our last winner KD6HE who won the FTM100DR

THANK YOU to all that attended the first annual CARS-Fest!

C.A.R.S. is proud to announce the first annual HAMFEST in Churchill County Nevada was a success! 

We truly do appreciate everyone coming out saying hello, and finding some good stuff they didnt know they needed/wanted!


Reports form all the vendors was that they did sell quite a few items and would be willing to return next year! 


On behalf of CARS I would personally like to thank Bill Nichols VE team, Anthony Marcin , and all of the SNARS members for helping make this event a success. The support they have shown us truly embraces the harmony and unity that the ham radio hobby should encompass. THANK YOU!






 Equipment upgrades, insurance, legal fees, the purchase of and associated maintenance material cost all come from YOUR public donation. YOUR charitable contribution is CRUTIAL to the upkeep and continued success of these emergency radio networks. PLEASE make a donation today that may also be tax deductible (CARS is a 501C7 non-profit corporation)! Contact us for receiving a formal contribution letter for your sizable donation. Any and all contributions are welcome and greatly needed!

-Thank You

Yaesu DIG. Repeaters:

147.345 + 156.7 DIG. Capible
145.410 - 123.0 (OFF LINE)

444.375 + 123.0 (FUTURE USE)
442.225 + 123.0     linked:

  WiresX Room 21676

  DV4-Node2  Room 28-NEVADA 


Cross Linked System:

442.125 + 123.0
146.970 103.5 KE6QK/R

The 442.125 is cross Linked to 146.970 & Echolink K5BLS 864350

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