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Eagle Ridge Site Update 11/11/2017

Hi everyone its been a while... I was able to get up to Eagle Ridge and install the RM-50A-BB battery supply along with a new 7 foot free standing rack donated by WA6EWV from TARA Club. John KD7NHC provided me a couple extra hands and much needed moral support that day!


Dale- W7DPN came up and got us wired into the main power pannel with our own breaker and dedicated high amperage circuit. Were off the extension cord finally


The new rack and shelf now hold the 200 amps of reserve power to run the two fusion repeaters at Eagle Ridge should the generator fail. Thank you to both Lyon County and the TARA clubs for supporting CARS!!

Cheers and stay Safe! 

Even More updates! 11/11/2017



We have swung a deal with another ham club to host a System Fusion repeater for communal usage overlooking Lake Tahoe, Douglas County, Dayton, and most of Carson City at almost 10,000 ft!  


The 442.225 Eagle Ridge repeater is currently linked to 442.300 in analog, FCS 003 room 21 (for use with the DV-4 / Openspot hotspots) and Wires-X digital! We have removed the linking from Ophir 444.375 for now until we can manage to get it linked up for Reno coverage too. 

Meanwhile the 442.125 repeater is down but not out of the picture. Someone who didn’t want to be named donated another UHF duplexer to us and i have repaired the Amplifier. Hoping that the antenna is still ok at the site we may have it back up before December if the weather holds out. 

The Echolink should be back online soon as KE6QK rewires the network at the site, please keep checking back. 

Yaesu has also released a new firmware for the FT-70DR that allows control of Wires-X! The FTM3200DR and the new UHF FTM-3207DR will have this feature now as well! 

We are still testing the firmware upgrades for the FTM-100DR and FTM-400DR

 Equipment upgrades, insurance, legal fees, the purchase of and associated maintenance material cost all come from YOUR public donation. YOUR charitable contribution is CRUTIAL to the upkeep and continued success of these emergency radio networks. PLEASE make a donation today that may also be tax deductible (CARS is a 501C7 non-profit corporation)! Contact us for receiving a formal contribution letter for your sizable donation. Any and all contributions are welcome and greatly needed!

-Thank You K5BLS

CARS DV4 room! 

CARS has been given its own room on YSF refelctor 3!  Find us on refelctor 3 room 21 too connect to us via the DV4 platform.



NEW mailing address

Our new mailing address is

1640 HWY 395
BOX 2125
Minden, NV 89423 


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Nevada YSF Systems:

147.345 + 156.7 DIG
Fernley/Fallon area

Local only not linked


442.225 + 123.0 DIG
Fernley/Fallon area

Wires-X Room 21676 NEVADA & 442.300 Douglas County in Analog and Digital
FCS-Node 3 Room 21 CARS NEVADA- Linked 


444.300 + 123.0 DIG
Douglas County, Carson City, Dayton

Wires-X Room 21676 NEVADA & 442.225  in Analog and Digital
FCS-Node 3 Room 21 CARS NEVADA- Linked  

444.375 + 123.0 DIG

Virginia City, Washoe Valley, Reno, Sparks, N.Valleys

Local only not linked


440.050 + 94.8 DIG
Smith Vly., NV

Local only not linked


443.850 + 100.0  
146.730 - 100.0


Repeaters service Carlin/Elko/Battle Mtn. 

444.200 + 100.0 Spring Creek NV  

Not currently linked to Wires-X yet

146.610 - 123.0 W7TA

Ophir Peak 
Standalone not linked to anything yet


CARS Analog only systems:

442.125 + 123.0 - OFFLINE- Moving site

Echolink K5BLS 864350

OFFLINE- May not return

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